Submission Guidelines:


I am currently closed to submissions with the exception of referrals and conference requests.  


I only accept email queries.  

Please do not query via phone.  


Email your query to

Include the word QUERY in your subject line.


For fiction submissions: please include the first chapter in the body of the email.  I will not open attachments.

For nonfiction submissions:  please include the first ten pages in the body of the email.  I will not open attachments.  


MacKenzie is interested in both established and first time authors of fiction and non-fiction.


I am always interested in:

  • fiction: women’s fiction, romance, new adult, young adult with crossover appeal, historical fiction, female-driven mystery, thrillers, and crime.  
  • non-fiction: fashion, food, exercise, diet, and design; cookbooks (especially healthy eating and baking and specialty diet/nutrition); pop psychology, self-help, and relationships; and true crime


99.9% of the time I am not interested in:

  • science, fantasy, philosophy, sports
  • central story lines that include: serial killers, rape, violence against women


I am never, ever interested in:

  • Children's / picture books, middle grade, screenplays, poetry, graphic novels / comics


Read more about my interests on MS Wish List!




How long will it take you to respond to my query?  

If I am interested in additional material you will hear from me within 2 months (usually less!).  

I do not respond to queries that are not addressed to me.  I do not respond to queries that do not include sample reading material. 


How long will it take you to read my manuscript?  

I try very hard to read all manuscripts within 3 months.  


When should I follow up with you?  

3 months, unless you have an offer from another agent or a publisher -- in which case I do definitely want to know.  


Are you interested in self-published or indie titles?  

Sometimes!  It is very important that tell me in your query if you have self-published your book.  If your project is for sale in any format on any site, or is posted on WattPad or any similar website, please both provide: a link to where I can find this title; sales data; and a brief explanation of your decision to self-publish.  


Are you an editorial agent?

Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  I will, have, and definitely enjoy devoting time to editorial work both before work is submitted and throughout the formal editorial process.