Fraser-Bub Literary was established in 2016 by literary agent MacKenzie Fraser-Bub.  MacKenzie began her career in publishing as a teenager reading manuscripts and writing readers reports at the Crown Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House.  She is a veteran of the Columbia Publishing Course, having taught and worked there.  She also spent several years at Simon and Schuster (Touchstone Books), in one of the industry's finest marketing departments, before becoming an agent at the venerable Trident Media Group.  There, MacKenzie quickly built a diverse list that included multiple New York Times and USA Today bestselling titles, including romance, new adult, women's fiction, cookbooks, and science fiction.  


The founding of Fraser-Bub Literary is a culmination MacKenzie's expertise in all aspects of the publishing industry.  MacKenzie’s model centers around an intimate, hands-on approach to her clients' careers through all stages of the publishing process.  MacKenzie is a creative conceptualizer and active collaborator, a methodical editor, an aggressive negotiator, and a fierce advocate for all of her clients. She prides herself on being actively involved in all aspects of her authors' and their publishers' marketing, publicity, promotion, and launch strategies.


Fraser-Bub Literary enthusiastically capitalizes on all subsidiary rights platforms, including eBook, audio, serial, performance, and translation rights.  MacKenzie has a solid network of media professionals that can be called upon to assist her in implementing her clients' goals; these include eBook experts, film and TV agents, scouts, and publicity and marketing gurus.  


MacKenzie is devoted to discovering new talent and helping established authors increase their readership and build their careers.  She lives in New York City and Columbia, South Carolina with her husband.